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Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Sacks

Our mission is to help your baby feel calm, fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer, so your whole family can get the sound sleep they deserve!

LuxeWeave™ Bamboo

Enriching our planet, one sleep sack at a time

Our proprietary LuxeWeave™ fabric is custom-milled from breathable & sustainable viscose from bamboo. It infuses our sleep solutions with buttery softness, so your baby feels comfortable & calm like they're sleeping on a cloud!

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Transition Swaddle

This sleep sack features innovative, 3/4 length gently weighted sleeves that fit snugly to help reduce the Moro (startle) reflex. 

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Quality sleep for your Little Ones with our durable kids weighted blanket. Keep your child warm and cozy now and for years to come.


About Dreamland Baby

Sleep matters! That's why we take pride in every detail of our mom-created, doctor-approved, and backed by science sleep solutions. Our Weighted Sleep Sacks, Swaddles and Blankets feature our proprietary CoverCalm™ Technology, ensuring even weight distribution from your baby's shoulders to toes. This evenly distributed weight is what sets us apart and harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation. So what does that mean for you? A happy, relaxed, sleeping baby!

More than 500,000 units sold.


Our weighted sleep solutions are safe, secure & effective.


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