Using a Swaddle Blanket to Improve Sleep

Whether you’re a first-time parent or an experienced parent, you’ve likely heard of swaddling blankets. Over the years, these blankets have become an essential tool when it comes to providing comfort to newborns and swaddling your baby can help to keep them snug and secure whilst they’re sleeping. 

Nowadays, swaddle blankets come in a variety of materials, sizes and colours, allowing parents to choose the best option for their baby. From muslin swaddles to weighted swaddles, you won’t struggle to find the perfect swaddle blanket to help your little one sleep through the night. If you don’t know much about swaddling and you’re wondering why baby swaddle blankets are a ‘must-have’ item for a baby’s nursery, below we have looked into them in more detail. 

What is a Swaddle Blanket?

A swaddle blanket is essentially a large piece of fabric that is used to wrap a newborn baby from their shoulders to their feet, producing a womb-like experience. These blankets are typically made from soft and stretchy materials, such as cotton, which allows them to be snugly wrapped around a baby's body. When you swaddle your baby, the blanket will help to keep their arms and legs close to their body, allowing them to feel more secure and comfortable whilst they sleep. 

Why do People Use Swaddle Blankets for Newborns?

Swaddling is an age-old practice that has been used for centuries to keep babies warm and help them sleep better. Using swaddling blankets can make babies feel secure and comfortable in their cot, crib or moses basket, and help them sleep for longer by reducing their anxiety. So many parents choose to swaddle their newborns as it can help them to feel safe and secure when they’re not being held. The calming womb-like environment they create makes swaddle blankets perfect for helping babies transition to sleeping by themselves. 

Using a baby swaddle blanket also helps to keep your little one warm as the blanket helps to maintain their body temperature. This is especially important during the first few months of a baby’s life when they are more susceptible to temperature changes. You won’t have to use other warming and comforting items like blankets and pillows at night, which can be very unsafe. When they’re swaddled, your baby will be less likely to scratch themselves or give themselves a startle reflex too, which can disrupt their sleep.

Swaddle blankets are designed to be straightforward and comfortable to use, and many babies enjoy being swaddled. These blankets are also adjustable, so they will fit your baby properly regardless of how tiny they are or how quickly they grow. 

Why are Weighted Swaddle Blankets so Popular?

It’s possible to purchase weighted swaddle blankets and not only will they keep your baby nice and snug while they sleep, but they can provide even more comfort. Weighted swaddle blankets are filled with tiny poly-pellet beads that create a gentle, comforting pressure on the baby’s body. This pressure can help your little one to feel much more secure and relaxed, and can even help to reduce crying and fussing as you try to get them to sleep. It’s similar to the feeling of being cuddled, but in a more controlled and consistent way.

Weighted swaddle blankets are becoming more and more popular among parents, and many have been pleasantly surprised by just how effective they can be. These baby swaddle blankets can be used for both naps and bedtime when your little one is still a newborn. They provide a comforting feeling that can help your baby to feel calm and safe, which can help them to get a more restful sleep. If you’re looking for a way to provide your baby with extra comfort and security whilst swaddling, a weighted blanket may be just what you need.

Purchasing a Baby Swaddle Blanket

If you’re interested in purchasing a baby swaddle blanket to help your little one get a good night’s sleep, explore the Dreamland Baby website today. Our weighted swaddle sack is perfect for newborns who are experiencing nap time and nighttime struggles. It can be worn three different ways; both arms in, one arm in or both arms out, and you can make sure your little one is comfortable, even as their sleep needs change over time. 

Our products provide a safe alternative for babies who enjoy sleeping in the comfort and security of their parent's arms, and they can make a huge difference to the quality of your little one’s sleep. Anyone with a new baby will appreciate the simplicity of our baby swaddle blanket and the hours of uninterrupted sleep it can help to provide. 

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