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Meet Our Team Of Expert Advisors

We've enlisted the help of professionals in the field of sleep, medicine, infant care, and occupational therapy to provide us with their expert guidance and ensure that we continue to deliver safe, effective products that meet the highest quality standards!

Dr. Jonathan Jassey

Dr. Jonathan Jassey is an AAP Board Certified Pediatrician based in Bellmore, NY. He has been in private pediatrician for over 15 years and has been affiliated with his practice since 2007. Dr. Jassey is the co-author of The Newborn Sleep Book and has received the Patients' Choice Award for three consecutive years and the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award. 

"As my patients know, I take a lot of pride in treating the "colicky" infant and getting a baby sleeping through the night at a young age. It's that passion for safe and effective "sleep solutions" that brought me to Dreamland Baby. I'm excited to introduce their innovative, weighted products to families struggling with sleep and help educate them on this common-sense sleep aid!’'

Christina Gallo, MS, O​TR/L

Founder/Director, Child's Play Therapy Services, PC

"Weighted blankets provide deep touch sensory input to the skin, which is organizing and soothing to our nervous systems. We recommend this Dreamland products in our clinic every week!"

Chrissy Lawler, MS, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, lover of sleep, and pediatric sleep consultant

“The Dreamland Baby sleep sack is an absolute game changer for babies who are restless, fidgety and used to contact napping. I recommend it for all of my trickiest sleepers while they’re learning to sleep independently.”

Dream Weighted Sleep Sack
Color: Ocean Blue - Cotton

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